Cuts Slings from Big Bags or Super Sacks

High productivity specifically designed for the FIBCs manufacturing industry.

Small footprint and excellent productivity

WAYRA4 automatic sling cutter with high productivity and great versatility designed specifically for the FIBCs (Big Bags or Super Sacks) manufacturing industry. It has an easily adjustable drawing system that allows ink marks to be made on the sling, which will later serve as a reference to position and sew it properly on the FIBC, Big Bags or Super Bags.
The cutting and marking measurements are fully programmable from the operations panel, which allows great flexibility when making different types of Big Bags.

As it is a piece of equipment designed exclusively for cutting slings or straps, it allows the development of a large volume of production of Big Bags, speeding up the manufacturing process through the marking system. The mark is made with ink in a timely manner. This new Simplemak own development allows the reference to be seen from both sides. The simplicity of its mechanisms minimizes maintenance times.

The cutting of slings or straps can be solved in the C1300 and C2000 line of cutters, despite the equipment designed exclusively for this, in 4-sling versions; Wayra 4 allows reference marking that is very useful in the subsequent sewing of the body of the Big Bag or Super Bag.

The mark can be made by automatic stamp with ink or by a small perforation with a temperature bolt. This new Simplemak® own development allows the reference to be seen from both sides and the system is totally maintenance free.

Wayra 4

Cantidad máx. de eslingas | Max. number of belts 4
Ancho máx. corte | Max. cutting width 100 mm
Velocidad de producción | Production speed * 50 piezas/min
Distancia a la primer marca (D1) | Distance to first mark (D1) 0 – 150 mm
Distancia entre marcas (D2) | Distance between marks (D2) configurable
Peso | Weight 230 kg
Tensión de alimentación | Supply voltage 220 V
Frecuencia de línea | Line frequency 50 Hz / 60 Hz
Corriente nominal | Rated current 2,2 A
Potencia | Power 0,5 KVA
Presión de trabajo | Working pressure 6 bar
Consumo de aire | Air consuption 1,6 l/min
Diámetro máx. de rollo | Max. roll diameter 750 mm
Dimensiones: | Dimensions: ( A ) 1200 mm ( B ) 1230 mm ( C ) 910 mm


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