CM800 Automatic Cutter

Equipment for automatic cutting of tubular fabric (bag/sack/sack) with bulkhead die-cutter head for the manufacture of die-cut internal compartments. The number and position of the windows is fully programmable from the screen. The cutting length is also programmed and the equipment delivers the cut fabric ready for the sewing process. Automatic stacker can be added.

Reduced size and excellent practicality


Ancho max de tela | Max width of fabric 800mm
Velocidad de producción | Production speed 30 piezas/min
Con mamparo | With baffle 6 piezas/min(*)
Peso | Weight 480 Kg
Tensión de alimetación | Supply voltage 3×220 V / 3×380 V
Frecuencia de línea | Line frequency 50 Hz / 60 Hz
Corriente nominal | Rated current  4,5 A
Potencia nominal | Rated power 3 KVA
Presión de trabajo | Working pressure 7 bar
Consumo de aire | Air consuptio 15 l/min
Diámetro max de rollo | Max roll diameter 1300 mm
Tipos de corte | Cutting Caliente / Frío Hot / Cold


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