diseñodiseño y fabricacion de maquinas para bigbags

Passion for machine design and manufacturing

SIMPLEMAK® born from a premise: design and manufacture simple machines for the polypropylene raffia market. We are specialists in the design and manufacture of machines to produce sacks and Polypropylene Super Sacks and we currently export equipment all over the world. We are consolidated in different markets with high quality standards.


Provide smart solutions to the needs and inconveniences that arise in the polypropylene raffia industry, designing and producing high quality, robust and simple equipment.


Be recognized globally as a trusted brand, specialist in the creation of simple and innovative machines, which solve and simplify the production processes of the raffia industry.


At SIMPLEMAK® we are passionate about creating simple and original products and processes, implementing the latest technology to be able to adapt to the changing needs of the environment. We value responsibility, respect and commitment.We are convinced that a good working environment and teamwork provide the best results. We encourage the exchange of ideas and a collaborative environment, making sure that each member can contribute their best. We believe that honesty and closeness with the client are essential to generate a framework of trust that builds lasting relationships.