800 Drilling Macro

It is an accessory device, intended to generate perforations in a tubular fabric for ventilation.


It is added in-line to any automatic sewing machine, allowing the fabric to be perforated while the cutting and sewing operation is carried out. The
cutting of the hole is produced by a steel matrix with a temperature that allows the edges of the drilled hole to be perfectly sealed. An internal
gusset allows the separation of the fabric faces immediately after the perforations are made. Diferent fastening models allow the accessory to be adapted to diferent cutting and sewing equipment.


Number of perforations | 4 in a line
Cutting type | Heat
Perforation on both sides | Yes
Maximum fabric width | 500mm
Minimum fabric width | 350mm
Minimum fabric weight | 35 g/m2
Supply voltage | 220V
Maximum power | 1500W


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