Sr. Juan Artigau

Ing. Fabián Medón

Our History

SIMPLEMAK® was born in the year 2000 from the union of Sr. Juan Artigau; in charge of the conversion and dispatch sector of an important raffia company in Argentina for more than 35 years, and the Ing. Fabián Medón; responsible for the extrusion and weaving of the same company for 15 years. The premise: Design and manufacture simple and robust machines for the Polypropylene Raffia market.


In 2001, land was acquired in the city of Colón, Buenos Aires, and the first warehouse was built. The first designs were made on paper, adapting the equipment to the needs of the clients. All the components of the machines were manufactured, in a very traditional way, with tools and basic materials, all with a single operator.


It was only in 2004 that drawings and plans began to be made on the computer, in 2D.  Around 2010, more complex machines had already been developed, the sales volume was considerable and they had more technological production tools. As of 2015, the Technical Office begins to be configured, the designs are made in 3D, more information is included in the plans, some components are outsourced. A couple of years later, the Lean philosophy is introduced, implementing its methods in order to minimize tasks that do not add value, work without waste, seek total quality, minimize stocks, work with order, cleanliness and discipline. Finally, a first management system is developed that allows centralizing the information and minimizing the use of paper.