Automatic Big Bag Cutting Machine

C1300 and C2000 are machines for highly automated cutting of woven polyethylene for FIBCs (Super Sacks), which allow for hole, cross, and one loop cutting, and feature additional modules for cold cutting and baffle bag cutting.

Automatic Big Bag Cutting Machine

This highly automated machine cuts all the pieces required to make Big Bags. Loading and unloading opening, bodies, and covers with or without hole. A central controller enables easy programming of cutting lengths and quantities to cut so that one worker can deliver high throughput without effort.

corte cortadora simplemak

Top or bottom of Big Bag.


Big Bag cutting machines are the key to woven polyethylene manufacturers.

In the 2 maximum 1300 and 2000 mm standard fabric widths, C1300and C2000 they can be fitted with a variety of accessories to manufacture an entire range of cut pieces and meet the current market demand.

If allows for the usual “O” or “X” cutting, the straight longitudinal cut to manufacture One Loop Big Bags, and the continuous window to manufacture compartmentalized Big Bags (Baffle bags or Q Bags).

As to baffle bags, the accessory designed by Simplemak® enables continuous cutting by pulling the piece from the cutting machine to get a production cost-free finished piece, since the machine cuts it simultaneously with the usual cut.

Other accessories, such as double roll lifting device, edge guiding device, cold cutting (ideal for laminated fabric), turn it into the most complete configurable machine available on the market.

For throughput lower than 7000 Big Bags/month, we developed a semi-automatic cutting table [MC2000] that handles every cutting process both easily and inexpensively.



Product Description

It automatically stacks the bags coming out from an automatic cutting machine or printer.

Max. fabric width 1300 mm |
Production rate 22 pieces/min
Weight 750 kg
Supply voltage 3 x 220 V 3 x 380 V
Line frequency 50 Hz / 60 Hz |
Rated current 3 x 4,5 A |
Rated power 3 KVA
Working pressure 7 bar Air consumption 3.3 l/min
Max. roll diameter 1200 mm

Dimensions: | Dimensions: ( A ) 1860 mm  ( B ) 3700 mm  ( C ) 1300 mm

Max. fabric width 2000 mm
V Production rate 22 pieces/min |
Weight 900 kg |
Supply voltage 3 x 220 V  3 x 380 V |
Line frequency 50 Hz / 60 Hz |
Rated current 3 x 5 A
Rated power 3.3 KVA
Working pressure 7 bar
Air consumption 3.3 l/min
Max. roll diameter 1200 mm

Dimensions: | Dimensions: ( A ) 2560 mm  ( B ) 3700 mm  ( C ) 1300 mm



  • Double roll lifting device
  • Hole die cutter
  • Cross die cutter
  • One loop
  • Panel cutting machine for baffle bag or Q bag
  • Cold cutting
  • Fabric guiding device
  • Automatic stacker